Tadiandamole Trek

Highest Peak in Coorg



Maximum Altitude

1,748 m

Minimum Age

8 Years

Base Camp



  • Altitude – 1748m
  • Trail – Tropical forest with moderate inclination
  • Difficulty level – Moderate
  • Trekking Distance – 10 Km approximately
  • Attraction – Chelavara falls & Nalkand Palace


  • DAY 0: Start from Chennai.
  • Day 1: Off-road Jeep ride till Homestay – Trekking to Tadiandamol Peak.
  • Day 2: Visit to Nalaknad palace & Chelavara falls.
  • Day 3: Return to Chennai


Day 0:
Overnight Journey from Chennai. The Tadiandamol base Kakabbe is 600kms long drive. A brief intro about the treks and things to do and don’t will be given along with the few ice-breaking sessions to make everyone in the group to bond with each other. As it is said simple dinner makes the travel delightful we encourage everyone to have a simple dinner for the journey night.

Day 1:
Once we reach the trek starting point Nalakand palace, we will take an off-road jeep ride to the homestay to refresh, pitch tents, and arrange everything to accommodate ourselves. Then the trek begins towards the peak. The roads are very well marked that leads us straight into the forest check post, from where we actually step into the forest after paying the trekking fee. The camping in the peak is prohibited due to heavy winds in the peak so eventually, we have to get back to our camp after the trekking for dinner. Trek covers crossing several small streams on our way to the peak from which we can refill our bottles, the water will taste as nectars.  While moving forward we will find a huge rock which is often called “Big Rock” is one of our previous campsites.

The panoramic view from the top of the big rock is mesmerizing. Then there will be a steep ascent till the “Shepherd point” and into the dense shola forest which is icing in the cake for the armature trekking because the trail inside the shola forest is amazing and during the low light times the trail can become dark. And then the last stretch which is again some steep climbing against the high wind.

Climbing might seem hard but trust us, the view is beautiful at the top. The view never fails to delight the tired souls of the trekkers. Getting back to the campsite is a walk in the park but you won’t forget the view from the top for the rest of your life and your mind will say it’s worth climbing. The most awaited dinner will be served for you at the campsite.

Day 2:
Let’s go visit some of our pasts by visiting the Nalkand Palace, which is 200 years old, which was built to protect the three princes of Kodagu king when Hyder Ali captured Kodagu.

And to one of the wonderful falls of Coorg, “Chelavara falls”. WaterfallRappellingg can be arranged here if the participants are interested. Then we will start our return journey to Chennai and will be arriving at 4:00 am in the morning.

Trek Fee



  • Meal – 2 Breakfasts & 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner 
  • Bonfire
  • First aid
  • Coordinator charges
  • Forest department permission charges
  • Accommodation charges


  • Dinner on final day
  • Transportation charges
  • Personal expenses