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Tadiandamol Trek – Travel Experience Shared by Travel Client

Are you a mountain lover? Are you planning for an adventurous weekend getaway? Then it’s time to give a break to your cerebrum and just head to a Tadiandamol, the third highest peak in Karnataka (1748 m. from sea level), the tallest peak in Coorg and it is a plight that you will be entertained. The trail takes you through endless lush green grasslands. The trek is of 8 km. Long round trip, which offers an adventurous opportunity to find out where they belong.

Below is the summary of two days trip to Tadiandamol  trek (10-11 March) with 16 unknown people(9-boys, 7- girls) which was organized by Hygge Journeys. The trip started at 6:30 p.m. from Chennai, where a group of 7 girls was there, accompanying them were two solo travelers, organizer(Mr Yogi) and remaining people were either to join from Bengaluru or coming by their own transportation. Hence a whole night journey started and eventually some formal communication started between the group of people and conversation came to a halt as the driver stopped at A2B, realizing all of us for our dinner time. After having a satisfying dinner, sleep made its presence known and it finally took an interval when from Bengaluru three people headed in a trip.

In morning, we all woke up to see the most captivating sight of tall trees, hiding the small cottages and narrow lanes covering with a fog. It was magnificent and climate was indeed a phenomenon, cool and pleasant.

Soon, we reached at home-stay all bright-eyed and had good wholesome breakfast, our tents got allocated, got freshen up, put on our trek clothes and started a pathway to Tadiandamol, where prior to start coordinator Mr Yogi has made an introductory session between us 16, and there were a people with a wide range of trekking experience and there were first time trekkers too. India being diversified country there were people who can understand only Telugu or Kannada or Tamil or Malayalam or Hindi language, but the common language which bounded us throughout a trip was English. So, it was mandatory for co-coordinator to communicate in English and he motivated us like that,” there were no issues if some of them lack behind in trekking, he will be there” and it was indeed a sign of relief for first-time trekkers.

Going ahead with a trek, we came across a magical view all-around of abundance of a natural beauty. We are walking at fairly slow pace, which started bridging a communication gap between an unknown people and eventually we started taking lots of photos and selfies.

After a while landscape become a quite steep and it took a bit harder to climb which resulted for all of us to took a break-point and there was a rock which we climbed and here’s a group photo of it, remaining 5 were bit reluctant to climb.

We resumed our climb and our co-coordinators (Mr. Yogi and Mr. Hem) has to split between people, who have gain energy after a break and are enthusiastic to be the first one to reach to top of a mountain and other bunch of people were trying to gain some energy with the motivation words of co-coordinator. We people had enough juicy chocolates and water which has given enough energy and has empowered our metabolism to climb a trek.

Even-though it was a trek of 4 kms, one way, but the hill was steep, so it required an effort to climb it. In midst of on-going trek, took a deep breath, sit on a rock and just have a look at marvelous creation of an almighty and inhale the scenic beauty, which will indirect motivate to resume a trek. Even cocoordinators Mr. Yogi and Mr. Hem keep ensured that we all were keep pacing ourselves and constantly gave encouragement to reach a peak.

It took almost 2 hours for all of us to climb the peak and view at peak was just enchanting, which has made us to forget all our efforts of climbing it.

There’s poor network connection in forest, but I promise you’ll find a better connection.

Tall majestic mountains rise,

Behind a screen of pines,

Wind blows through trees,

With beautiful melody,

It’s relaxing,

It’s refreshing,

It’s peace,

It’s nature,

Nature is truly alive.


We took a break from selfies, videos, group photos and had lunch at peak, which the cook had packed for all of us. After spending almost 2 hours in these serene beauty, we started heading descending towards the base camp and the way down was quite adventurous, as a hill was quite steep and one has to hold themselves from rolling down or to prevent themselves from any design of bruises on a body. Though some of us fell, it made a memory for each of us.

By the time, we reached the home-stay, all were freaking tired , so some went for freshening up, some were having chit-chat with not so new friends and without any indentation a new game started of hiding and searching for phone, and it was quite a good fun of accusing another person without any awareness and all the drained out energy came back in people. After two hours putting all other activities on a side, dinner made its presence and we attacked on it like hunter getting its prey.

It was a cool climate but the camp-fire made it cozy, and the real fun began as Mr.Standup comedian started pulling legs of each and everyone, which he has already started noticing in people from the beginning of a trip, and people being unaware of their actions being recorded in Mr.Comedian’s mind. But hats off to him as he very well managed comedy in Tanglish, keeping in mind diversity of people. Then it was a time to show individual’s talent, where singing, dialogue delivery, and dancing was performed. It was indeed a fun night which lasted until night 11 pm and then we had to drag ourselves to the tent quite reluctantly.

Next morning, we woke up when mild rays of sun started to hover over the tent and it was quite majestical to see a sun making its appearance known from mountains and clouds which are scattered like pearls and it was a quite refreshing beginning for a new day and second day for a trek.

As we planned to leave the home-stay by 12:00 p.m. we still had few hours left to enjoy ourselves in an eternally pleasant weather. So, some of them decided to take around to the back-side of home-stay where there are coffee plantations, adorning the hills and it was indeed a pleasant morning walk in the lap of nature while remaining people hovered themselves in the verandah and got engaged in an unconstrained conversation, enjoying a cool breeze.
In midst of conversation, breakfast came and all people including those who have returned from their morning walk hogged on food and beverages. Even after breakfast, we people were static and again got engaged in a bantering, which lasted for almost 2 hours and due to our non-stop bickering, our stomach made its presence known which resulted into instead of packing lunch, we had our lunch there itself and it was a treat for non.veg people as cook agreed to prepare an Egg fried rice for them. Finally, we resumed our trip to Nalkand Palace, which was closed but it didn’t make any difference to all 16 people because all have engaged themselves in some or the other talks and having their fun. Then we visited Chelavara Falls, it was like a glacial water which was making it’s way through rocks. Though you can just view it as waterfalls are surrounded by a fence and it is strictly prohibited by the forest department.

We all enjoyed the trip and it was a trip to enroute our trip to home. Those who have come by car, we bid adieu to them and remaining people in a bus started a game of dumb-charades, which
was a great fun as people knowing hindi has to act for Tamil movie and a vice-versa.Playing for almost 1.5 hour we decided to put a full-stop on it and decided to play an audio songs, pairing a Bluetooth to a system. But it started a confliction on which language song should be played, so by mutual understanding we started playing English songs, later on followed by tamil and hindi songs. After sometime we gave a break to everything and decided to have our dinner at dhaba, which was good for non-veg people and for vegetarian people they have to be disappointed. But somehow, sleep overtook us and next early morning at 5:00 we reached Chennai.

Overall the trip ended giving each of us lots of memories and enjoyed travelling with Hygge journeys. I would highly recommend inhabitants who are looking for a fun and well organized trip should go with a Hygge Journeys, without a second thought. In the end, I was a satisfied customer and a traveler in me was grateful.

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