Into The Stars Summer camp & Astronomy workshop

Over a period of time, many families have settled up in the metro cities for employment opportunities, but they have begun to feel swarmed in the concrete jungle. They wish their children had the chance to play uninhibitedly on open grounds, similarly as they did when they were kids.

Despite the presence of parks or play-areas, the majority of them are crowded and don’t give the freshness that genuine outside do. Visit resorts that are growing around the city often to extinguish their hunger for open environs and fresh air, but even these spots have the tendency to be packed. So, the current institutions and students are looking for out of the box experience. Hence we are here to give just that, the much wanted unique outdoor activity leading to a bundle of memories to be cherished.

For almost 3 years, we have been voyaging, learning and curating visits, backpacking through North Eastern India and gods own country Kerala and many more, let’s just say the horizon is the limit from there. This while each part of the experience is arranged into amusements and e exercises and behold the exclusive feature of Hygge never like before experience in the camping, “Astronomy Workshop”.


  • April – 20&21

  • April – 27&28

  • May – 04&05

  • May – 11&12

  • May – 18&19

  • May – 25&26

What do we have to offer?

For the busy schools who do not have the opportunity to put in the numerous long stretches of research, organize co-ordinations with locals in remote dialects or invest energy consulting at incredible costs over the adventure. Hygge, a small but adequate team has effectively dealt with all that for your institution. We also comprehend that every institution has diverse spending constraints, di distinctive interests and unique needs. So here at Hygge, we do our best to oblige your every need through both macro and micro agendas.

Camp-fires are a standout amongst the best time activity amid a trek, activities and fun-games, keep the students entertained.

One of the unique and the interesting feature of Hygge’s trips would be our “Astronomy Workshop”

  • A 2.5-hour stargazing session in the evening shall be provided. This can be changed as per the sky c conditions and celestial objects appearance rise and set time. We will be keeping a very close watch on the sky conditions. If any special objects/events are there in the sky those days, we will definitely take care of it.

  • Basics of Stargazing

  • Basics of a Telescope

  • Telescopic observation of Moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters, famous stars.

  • Hunting famous constellations in the sky and identifying them using planisphere.

Since safety is the concern for the kids, we at Hygge’s have professional trekkers who would be guiding and protecting your students at all times. You can be guaranteed that your kids or students in safe hands


  • Day 1 – Trekking to Natural Pond, Ridge walk to Kallar Viewpoint

  • Day 2 – Trek to Catherine Falls


Pickup from the common meeting point

Day 1

  • Mentioned Activities

  • Return to Campsite

  • Pitching and allotting tents

  • Dinner before theory session & after dinner observations and Q&A sessions

  • Campfire (depends on the weather condition)

Day 2

  • Mentioned Activities

  • Starting back to the city

Drop off in common meeting point in the next day early morning,

As parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to impart practical knowledge into or child apart from theoretical knowledge. So, send your child to this wonderful, entertaining and edifying trip which not only helps in developing positive attitude and character in your child but also memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Rs.5000/- per person


  • Food for 5 times

  • Accommodations in luxury tents

  • Campfire

  • Astronomy workshop & participating certification

  • Transportation from Chennai to Chennai

  • Coordinator charges

For Bookings or Queries, contact:

+91 74023 57569 | +91 94442 56468