About Hygge Journeys

Introducing Hygge Journeys, we are group tour organizers, specialized in offering trekking and camping experience in offbeat locations with adventure activities, fun & games. Our clients vary from students, corporate people to families & solo travelers. We are extremely tailor made for all kinds of people and their travel needs and we design our tours with our clients in mind.



Yogi  believes  in  taking  the  path  less  traveled  and  finds pleasure in stumbling upon  hidden  gems  along  the  way.  After  his  Engineering  in  Electrical & Electronics, he decided  that  corporate  life  is  not  his  cup  of  coffee  &  chose  to  pursue  his  passion i.e Travel. A  backpacker  by  nature,  having completed his Basic  Mountaineering  course  from  Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering & Winter sports,  Hygge is the Expression of his soul. He believes that there are others like him, and is willing to help everybody who has the impulse to travel to live their lives, rather than merely existing


Vimal is a dedicated camper who would pack his backpack and his travel shoes the next second he hears the word camping or a long drive from any of his mates. Vimal who is a Computer Science Engineer by degree didn’t want to lead the typical corporate life and wanted to follow his passion for traveling. He loves to live a life of adventure and exploring the gifts of nature that many people miss out on. And he along with people of similar passion wants to show the world what the world really is with the help of Hygge Journeys.


For Hem Travel has always been his passion. Curiosity of traveling to off beaten places is what Hem has in him. Not only capturing them with his eyes he has a habit of treasuring them in the form of photographs. After learning Animation and VFX he settled as a graphic designer. But the passion of traveling still lays under a graphic designer. For Hem traveling gives peace and sets him free everytime he travels.
Hem believes that Hygge Journeys is the perfect place to reach his goal not only alone but along with people who have similar passion.