7 Reasons Why You Should Start Trekking Now

Does the feel of adrenaline rush excite you? Do you love exploring adventurous places? Then you should definitely plan a trekking trip soon! There are many exciting things to do in your life other than your hustle-bustle daily routine. India is a haven for folks who love outdoor activities. The fresh air and lush landscape will surely bring over a sense of calmness to everyone which is some added benefit of trekking. It will push all your troubles on the back of your mind and boosts your creativity.

Sometimes you just need to go with the flow to get happiness and freedom you deserve. Why stay in your room when you can have all the fun the world offers by going on a trekking trip? Here are 7 solid reasons why you should try trekking at least once in your lifetime:


1) Digital Detox

How often do you do something that interests you without worrying about the time frame? Do you always postpone your plans due to hectic work hours? Do you find it difficult to go somewhere without your mobile phones and a good network connectivity? Now is the ideal time to do a reality check for yourselves. Whether you are a student or a budding corporate employee, you should definitely plan a digital detoxing trekking trip once in a while. This will aid in soothing your troubled minds.

Spending a few days off the radar will undoubtedly remind you of your carefree childhood days where you had great fun without any intervention of digital life. A trekking trip will surely be a breather for people who had been running too fast already in their daily life. Once in a while treat yourself with things that do not come with a timetable. Live your life with our own quirk rules!


2) Boost Fitness

Who doesn’t love to shed a few extra pounds? You don’t need to be a fitness freak to be involved in trekking activities. If you can walk better, you can surely trek better. As you have to hike through mountains, climb rocks and walk through bushy forests in a trekking trip, you will burn more calories when compared to your daily activities at home. Doing repetitive trekking keeps your body fit and your muscles toned. Moreover, the alluring vista and fresh breeze will rejuvenate your body.

You can shed some extra calories without going to the gym or follow a strict direct regime. On the fun side, you can do something adventurous and keep maintain your physical fitness at the same time. On the whole, there are endless health benefits of trekking. It will keep your mind, body and soul at ease.


3) Grow Your Friends Network

When you plan for a trek, there’s a huge chance that you’ll meet folks who also love the same rush of adrenaline in their veins. There is also a possibility to meet someone who shares your passion of exploring the world. You may even get lifelong friendships out of this trip. In some scenarios, you can gain knowledge from seasoned trekkers by listening to their interesting stories.

If you’re an introvert person, this will surely help you to open up more with new people. You can interact with the locals and get more insights about their lifestyle, culture and history. Sharing your memories around the campfire with your new found friends is truly a magical experience. Listen to the chirping of birds and gaze the stars in the nighttime by planning a memorable trek with Hygge Journeys.


4) Break From Comfort Zone

Following the same routine regularly will certainly be tiring and will not help you to thrive outside of your comfort zone. Trekking involves a lot of challenges that will help to come out of your cocoon and enjoy your life. Experiencing the nature in its pristine form is an alluring experience. Trekking can improve your imagination power and make you a more sociable person even if you were aloof in your entire lifetime.

This will strengthen your social bonding and relationship and will make you a better person in your life. Trekking for long hours will boost your confidence level and will help you to reach new heights and overcome any difficulties. 


5) Inner Cleanse

According to recent studies, there are many good therapeutic benefits of trekking. It calms your nerves and helps you to overcome any stress. Trekking helps you to keep your spirit clean and bubbling. A tranquil stroll in the woods aids will give a chance to reflect upon your life and remove any negativity in your life.

Trekking helps you to come out of your materialistic life and lead a spiritual and down to earth life. You will learn new things and become a better person with very trek you take.


6) Create Happy Memories 

Going on a vacation is all about making memories. A trek is the best opportunity to spend quality time for yourself. Everyone deserves a break from hectic work and enjoy a spectacular time. You can meet new people, experience new things and create everlasting memories. You can snap your best moments and cherish it for a long time. It will give you a sense of blissfulness and satisfaction.


7) Get Closer To Nature 

You’ll never enjoy nature to the closest anywhere else but through trekking trip. You don’t need a solid plan to go on a trek as it is filled with surprises and amazing moments. You can enjoy nature at its purest form without any filter.  The vista along the trail and the offbeat spots you get to witness are something which you cannot experience even in an all-inclusive vacation.

It is the best way to bring out the explorer in you and to drive away all your exhaustion in an instant. The mesmerizing jungles and the majestic mountains have the knack to touch everyone’s soul and heart. It’s one of the most spectacular feelings you could ever get.

What’re you waiting for? Pack your backpacks and go on an adventure of your lifetime!



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Abinaya Kannan is a fun loving and quirky Chennai gal who dreams to become a famous writer or a world traveler, or both.

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